Unsure which grant your client is enrolled in?  Look at the “Intended Use” field on the FAIM account statement you pull each month – the four digits listed after their chosen asset is the grant they are enrolled in.  No number indicates they are a Federal Grant 0953 client.

Federal Grant 0953 Ends April 30, 2022

  • If clients are not spent out before the grant closes, the coach must exit them without a payout and their savings/interest will be returned by Bremer Bank. 
  • Final documentation and exit paperwork for enrollees in this grant are due to FAIM Admin by May 13, 2022.


State Grant 2085 – FAIM enrollment for 65 slots was opened on 1/31/2022.  As of April 28th, 41 applications have been submitted for processing.

  • Screen potential FAIM clients for eligibility and readiness for the program BEFORE starting the application process.    
  • Utilize the Application Checklist to be sure you have all forms and documentation needed.  Use current forms posted on this site.
  • Minimum enrollment period for this grant is 1 year + 1-day before full payout may be requested.  Saving/match period is 24 months from first deposit date.  Maximum enrollment is 30 months from first deposit date.
  • Coaching dollars will be paid to agencies on a quarterly basis for the first 65 clients that complete the 12-hour Financial Wellness training.  Local coach must submit a copy of the client’s training completion certificate to FAIM Admin to receive coaching funds.



FAIM forms shown in purple were updated in 2022, forms in blue are pending review/update.  Dispose of electronic or paper copies of old forms and use current forms posted below.  If you are unsure if you are using an old form, the date it was last updated is listed in the bottom right corner of most forms.


Enrollment Forms

Please note that Bremer Bank does NOT accept electronic signatures on any forms sent to them – client and coach must physically sign where indicated on forms.

Budget / Pre-Post Enrollment Assessment Tools / Training Forms

Payout Request Forms

Business Asset Forms and Templates

Education Asset Forms

Home Purchase Asset Forms

  • Loan Estimate – send with payout request forms
  • Closing Disclosure (CD) – send final, signed copy after closing date or if doing a principal reduction payout
  • Current Mortgage Statement – send with copy of final CD if doing a principal reduction payout.  Another copy is required within 30 days of the payout to document that the FAIM payment was applied to principal only.
  • Household Budget Estimate Form – located in Financial Training/Assessment Tools section
  • FAIM – Asset-Specific Training Hours Tracking Form – keep in local file
  • Mortgage Qualifier Form

Vehicle Purchase Asset – work in progress

Exit Forms

Program Forms

Cornerstone Advocacy Service – Private Match Only Forms